PET Fire Chief Finalists




Hello and thank you for reading. I believe that I’d be a great fire chief. This due to me being very active (with the exception of last week due to extremw stress) and have a lot of experience in the core, I often deal with fires and put them out whenever I can. I also plan on hosting trainings for this division, if I get picked, on my private server. In these trainings I’ll create a fire and the trainees will have to work together to fight this fire. This will be great for team work and teaches them what to do in these situations if they occur at the core. Besides experience in the core, I also have a lot of leadership experience. I’ve been a HR in many groups and have had many jobs in which i had to lead groups. I hope that with the 2 things I mentioned, leadership and experience, we can take this division to a new level. I sincerely thank you for reading this and hope you’ll consider me as the new Fire Chief. Together, no fire will stop us!


As the PET Fire Chief, trainings would be hosted at the PBSTAC instead of our normal facilities, and trainees would do the Fire Simulator, as well as the Obbies in Sector 1 and the Team Obbies in Sector 3 (If we get access to them). Trainees would also get “field trips” to the PBCC on a private server (player count permitting) and I would start fires around the map for the Fire Team to put out. Trainees would be required to wear their uniform at all times (unless off-duty), and trainings would be very strict. I would also ocassionally but unexpectedly join a PBCC server and check up on all the people in the Fire Team in that server, that way the Fire Team are always on their best behavior. Fire Team members would also be encouraged to work with other members, and even other Teams to accomplish a task. They would even be encouraged to work with PBST if needed. Speaking of which, if I ever manage to get SD in PBST, I would host joint operation trainings with both PBST and PET, since PBST may have to put out fires and do other PET related things as well. Having a PIA person as a Chief in PET would also greatly benefit morale, showing the group is being put back on it’s feet and running. That is all I have to say for this application, good luck to all who submitted an app.


It is with great interest that I submit the enclosed in response to your search for a PET Fire Chief. I am confident I will make an immediate impact upon stepping into this position.My expertise lies in successfully managing strategic operational processes, monitoring activities, and improving efficiency and elevated performance. As a Fire Chief I want to bring PET up to high expectations. There are a few things I would like to change in PET. First of all, I want to enhance the trainings by hosting it at the PBSTAC to practice with the fire simulator to help the trainees know how it will be like in a real life situation (PBCC train fires and explosions). Second, I want to make the trainings enjoyable for the trainees because by making the trainings more fun then there is a higher persentage that the trainee will come back for another training in the future. Lastly , I would like to host many activites at the Computer Core, PET Training Facility and PBSTAC. Some more benifits I would bring to the table is leadership because we need someone who can guide the traniees in the correct direction. Another benifit I would bring to the table is activeness to the group. One of my major goals as Fire Chief is to bring lots of activeness to the group, to have more new people to join PET, to have some of the guys in PBST to join pet at well. My proven ability to optimize operations and team success, along with my solid skills in communication and problem solving, will contribute immensely to the success of PET. Thank you for your consideration; I look forward to speaking with you soon.


Well, I would lead this division because firstly, I’m really experienced with being Fire Chief, I’ve been in P.E.T. more than 3 years in total, I was in the Fire Team in early 2015 with Lynbean as the first fire chief, I’ve been in the P.E.T. Fire Team till in somewhere in early 2017 when I was demoted as Fire Chief, I wish to return to P.E.T. Fire Chief now as a Fire Chief again! Second, I’m really active, I’m online 7 days a week, mostly ATLEAST 2 hours per day, with my activity and experience I would be perfect as Fire Chief, I’ve been it before and with experience and activity like that I would be able to hosting three trainings per week atleast. Thirdly, I’m a really chill and mature dude, this would make me perfect for situations where normal people might be under stress. Lastly, I would bring multiple ideas to the table, such as: Map tours on PBCC, if approved by a HR hosting “shifts” on PBCC, trainings (of course) and much more! So to conclude, I have alot of experience, I’m really active, I’m a really chill and mature dude and I have multiple ideas to bring to the table! Hire me and I will make the P.E.T. Fire Team better than it ever was! Ad victoriam mateys!


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