Pet Following Humanoid Orientation

Hey everyone so currently I am trying to have a pet following system, right now I am testing it on NPCs and I am running into a bit of a problem. Currently the pet is following the humanoid using TweenService. What is happening is that the pet is following but it is not keeping with the humanoids orientation as shown below.

So if you actually look here, you may notice that the orientation fixes its self the second half of the video, I did this by making the pets orientation equal to the humanoid root part. The only thing is for some reason it does not work at the start.

Is their an easy fix to this, or an easier way to go about doing this?

very easy. Since you said your using TweenService, in the last argument of :Create()
use CFrame instead of Position.

So like
{CFrame = humanoidrootpart.CFrame *}