Pet positioning system not working?

So im trying to make a pet positioning system and this is what i have so far

The problem is when i go to equip the pet instead of going to the desired position it goes way off into a weird different position and sometimes doesn’t even follow me am i doing something wrong?

Show us the code of the function being called.

Addressing the Main Issue

Apparently, the while loop did not work at all. Therefore the BodyPosition is set on,50,0) and never updated. To confirm this, try using print() within the loop and see if it works.


The Pos's position is incorrect. Try using CFrame.p, which is a Vector3.

local Pos = PetCframe.p

Addendum: Make sure to update Pos in the loop.

Correct me if I’m wrong.


Try changing pos to…

local Pos =

this is because the position is a vector 3 value.