Pet Replication Infrastructure help

I’ve been thinking about a game with movement similar to Bee Swarm by @Onett

The replication seems to be a bigger issue than I originally looked at. Most ways seem expensive here are a few ways I thought of and wondering if you could either:

A. Improve on them & recommend one
B. Give me a new idea


  1. Firing all clients one player’s pet data, and then firing a private remote to that one player (too expensive to be firing PER player)
  2. Firing all clients ALL the player’s data (I am aware I can slim this down to just players in range, however, this still seems expensive due to the way I thought of doing movement)

In order to do the movement I was going to send positions and keep track of them, then tween between the positions to inevitably “patch” the positions together (little drawing below of in theory method)

Input Path:


Output Path:

Hi, I understand firing to the client constantly is undesirable. However if we can look at your “Input Path” graph it shows increments in the positions. This is the right way to think about it, We Can fire to every client incrementally, then we can use TweenService on their client to provide a Smooth easing to that desired position.

Synopsis: Tweenservice is useful for client replication movements.

I hope this helps.

Hey guys, I solved this on my own and was going to delete it but decided not to incase someone in the future also has this problem.

I solved this by creating the pets on the server and setting the NetworkOwnership of the pet to the client, then used align positions to automatically handle each one