Pet Simulator Update 6


Pet Simulator Update 6 Changelog (Sep 28th)


  • Cyborg area! Next place on the moon is now here and it’s all tech-y.

  • Tier 16 egg! Pets included:

    • Cyborg Cat
    • Cyborg Dog
    • Cyborg Dragon
    • Cyborg Dominus
    • Cyborg (can be golden)
    • Friendly Cyborg
    • Computer (can be golden)
    • C0RE (can be golden)
    • C0RE SH0CK
    • RoVer (can be golden)
    • Space Ranger (can be golden)
    • Red Space Ranger
  • Teleport gamepass! For dirt cheap you can instantly teleport to anywhere on the map, no cooldown! Super handy.

  • Super Pet Collection gamepass! Put your pets on gear for peak efficiency and speed up coin mining by 3x (6x with crits).

  • Random pets for later use.

  • Twitter code backend! I can now ship twitter codes to all servers instantly. Watch the BIG Games Twitter for free goodies :wink:


  • Remapped side buttons


  • Trading scroll breaking

  • Trading players view being displayed incorrectly or missing players

  • Random micro-optimizations and tweaks


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