Pet Simulator Update 9

Dominus update?? :astonished: :star_struck:

Pet Simulator Update 9 Changelog (Oct 26th)


  • New dominus area! Take a look :smiley:

  • New dominus egg! Contains 9 NEW unique dominus pets variations!

  • Shop item information! When near an egg or present you can see the drops and their chance!

  • Halloween event is still going strong! Halloween egg prices have been reduced by ~15% - hurry up before they are gone forever!


  • Featured pets stats boosted by 10x and new ones added

  • New dominus pet textures

  • New C0RE pet particles

  • Pet particle optimizations

  • Pet particle size/velocity changes

  • Restructured separation of framework and game code (helps make my stuff cross compatible with other projects)

  • Changed cyborg dragon to cyborg demon


  • Fixed having correct amount of coins still failing when purchasing shop items

  • Fixed inability to pickup coins/chests when passing raycast test

  • Mixed major memory leak related to coin crits

  • Fixed golden names being in wrong naming scheme


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