Pet Simulator X Twitter Follow Check


As some of you might know, in Pet Simulator X there is a system that you introduce your Twitter username in, then it checks if you are following Big Games’ Twitter account and if you do, you receive a reward. Does anyone have an idea of howI could implement this in my game? Been stressing out for days about this. Thank you!


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BIG Games probably uses the Twitter API to check if the inputted username follows @BuildIntoGames

I was expecting an actual answer, not this, it’s obvious they are using the Twitter API, I was asking if anyone knew how to do it?

Well I’m not going to give you code, but I can tell you which Endpoint to use and how to use it.

I’ve never used the API, however looking over the documentation for a minute, you’d probably want to use GET followers/list

Then in Roblox, send a request to that URL using HttpService | Roblox Creator Documentation

However this end point requires authentication, which I assume means you need access to actually use the API. Read over this to get a developer account on twitter: Getting access to the Twitter API | Docs | Twitter Developer Platform


Yep, no chance at me getting accepted as a Twitter dev, I applied but 0% chances, thanks for sharing the fact that I also need a dev account.

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you dont need to work at twitter thats not what he was saying, Its just a form, you fill it out, you get access. heck when i filled it out i knew nothing bout scripting.

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