Pet Suggestion?

Hello, I need some feedback and support on how I would go about creating a pet. I have no idea where to start, and I’m hoping one of you talented builders can walk me through your thought process when you brainstorm an idea to taking the idea and creating it in a virtual game. I would like some wisdom here, as I’m completely new to building. I have tried and attempted many YouTube tutorials, but none of them use a effective technique while creating their builds. Again, my goal is to end off with a successive technique that will benefit me into creating a well structured pet.


You should use blender.
I have no experience in it but it sounds like the best way to do things.
Building isn’t as efficient for this.

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It depends what type of pet are you trying to create? If its one of them blocky ones all you need is a nice decal but if were talking pets like adopt me then definitely blender

Blender is your best friend if you want to model assets/pets. For your typical blocky pets they are super easy to make in blender and as siko said above, all you’d need is a decal. As for pets that are more like the one’s in World zero/ Crown academy that would be much harder to do. Would be a mixture of modelling/sculpting on blender.

Precisely. I was actually using the pets from World zero as a reference on how my pet should end up looking like. I’m actually awestruck by the amount of talented builders they have on that game.
Thank you, I will definitely take note of this.

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