Pet System [HIRING 20K]

Hello! I’m here on behalf of Movie Land Theme Park (a Theme Park on ROBLOX) and we’re looking to hire somebody who can create a pet system for our park!

It’d work as the following:

→ You’d go up to a part and click a button on the keyboard for example ‘E’ but this’d need to be different dependent upon device for example XBOX it’d be one key and for mobile it’d simply be clicking the surface GUI.

→ It’d have an image GUI pop up which will spin indicating the pet being ‘unboxed’ and in a few seconds it’d display the pet on your screen with the name listed.

→ It’d then go into a backpack system where players can equip/unequip pets with a max backpack room which can be adjusted via a script and also we ask that they’re saved via DataStore2 and the scripts are easily adjustable.

We have a pretty limited deadline on the hopes of this system being released so we ask you reach out if you have the commitment to work on this actively! Any questions please do not hesitate to ask here or reach out via discord!

20,000 group funds (Can be discussed possibly?)


Thanks! <3


I sent you a friend request (Vortex#5258)

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Found somebody for the commission, thanks!

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