Pet/Egg Hatching System (USD or R$)

About Us

Hi! I’m searching for a programmer that is experienced In SIMULATOR EGG HATCHING SYSTEMS. I’m hoping to find someone organized.

You need to complete a Pet/Egg Hatching System. Start the progress.

About The Job

I’m looking for someone who knows how to make a Pet System/Egg Hatching System. You will be provided with the pet models if needed and they must each have a certain raritiesI need 3 different eggs Basic/Rare/Robux one must cost robux with developer product.

  • Must have the Auto / Open 3 at a time option on hatching eggs.
    -Must have Inventory for Pets and option to delete pets and equip
  • Pets must have multipliers for junk- name of my stat is player.leaderstats.Junk —
    -Must be organized and make everything easy to modify and add or remove pets and change rarities MUST BE OPTIMIZABLE.
  • Mark code to make it understandable
    -Pets must be visible by character if animations are provided i will increase pay.
    -Leveling up pets if that is possible will be needed.
    -DEV PRODUCTS/GAMEPASSES to increase pet equip amount and pet inventory space
    -Everything must be functional and datastores and must be compatible to my currency.

NEED TO FINISH ASAP! Within a day or less or whatever is possible would be great!


We are paying 1kR$ funds or 10 USD via PayPal price is negotiable but you must be legit and professional all things should be functional and compatible.

Contact Us

Discord - vvolfy#0813


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