Pets in social games

Do you think pets go good in games where the user has a house and can customize it?



If the game has a customisable house and the character can express themselves in their design, it feels like the developer is barely restricting the game play and I think that by not having pets, it would feel less creative and more like “the developer wants me to do it this way” if that makes any sense


i’d say Yes,

Pets are a common image of what you’d call it a “Happy Family” (brings joy and dynamisms around you), And most people that owns a house would have a pet. (dog/cat)

Therefore, pets are a essential additional content to games, even more if you are able to interact with it, it is even more attractive if the pets can help you in few actions your character will do, so the player will have more purposes in getting one in your game.


A yes from me as well.

Just really stuff to spend your money on.

What pets do you think are important besides cat and dog.

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I personally like Cats but you should create a large variety of pets, as you want your game to be played by a large variety of people.

I think you should include the following:

  • Cats & Dogs (Of course!)

  • A Parrot

  • Lizard

  • Frog

  • Hamster

  • Cheetahs, Tigers and Lions, any type of big cat

  • Dragons (Everyone loves dragons)

  • Different kinds of Wolves (Would be the most popular I am sure)

  • Horses & Unicorns (Ah, you must!)

  • Various farm animals like pigs, sheep, chickens and goats. (I mean, some people have them as pets)

  • Snakes

  • Bugs (Not a fan of them but someone would ask for them so I might as well suggest it)

  • Mythical Creatures (Could be a special pet you can unlock with a code?)

  • Walrus

  • Monkey and Gorillas

  • Etc


Starting off small works too. Just go for cats and dogs and move forward from there to keep users coming to try and collect the new stuff.

( @GuestCapone is the best at modeling those animals though. He’s made some great ones for me)


Ask yourself these questions when thinking of a new feature, and you might get some more clarity on the effects so you can make a decision based on them:

  • Why would the players use this feature? (Roleplay, mechanical boost like 10% more damage, being cool, etc. – do some testing with people who aren’t working on the project if you can)

  • How much work will it add for me? (‘feature-creep’ – google it – is a valid concern, plus you don’t want to bite off more than you can chew)

  • Will this make the game too complicated? (‘feature-creep’ again, games are bad when you can’t get the hang of it easily, especially if you’re working with kids)

  • Will this amount work be rational at this stage in the game’s development (before release, you want to focus on making the core game as good as possible, straight after release you don’t need to retain players heaps with a massive update because the game is still novel – see below)

  • Will adding/releasing it now be worth it? (if your game hasn’t released yet, maybe you want to focus on making the game good, and allow for ‘update novelty’ when you add this feature after release – see below)

  • Will it add novelty to your game? (mainly intended for post-release updates – e.g. ooo jailbreak train just got released, I wanna check it out! which – bringing players back to your game after they have gotten bored of it)


Done a few for Blox Guys as well, though waiting for permission to show those.

Now back on topic of using pets in game, @EmeraldSlash has nailed it.


As long as you make the pets right, make them do tricks every now and then, if they just follow you everywhere and do nothing special, to me at least, it feels a bit pointless.


Let’s be real, pets go good in any game regardless of the purpose of the game. People will still buy them simply to say they have a pet, even if it has nothing to do with the purpose of the game itself.

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Definitely. Pets are usually seen as happy cute animals and then pets maybe will make the user feel more free to do their things? that probably made no sense - But yes I think so, somehow it just makes people happy I guess

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Yes. As long as the pets does more than just follow you around (maybe make it do something else such as tricks and gives bonus on the user’s mood).



Ok so my view might be different from yours but I do ask that you at least take my point into account.

Advantages: Pets would be good if they can provide a user with advtanges such as 2x cash, speed, or even 10% cheaper items.

Cosmetic: I believe the blocky pets are a good look for normale none Rthro characters. I don’t really like the looks of solid meshes cause they don’t move like a pet at least the blocky one doesn’t really need to to look as if it were moving. But if you want with the blocky one I saw that one game made them move side to side. I’m sorry but I don’t remember the game name.

Customization: I think customization makes a pet look amazing like what they did in Mining Simulator. Maybe make custom hats or other accessories.

So please let me know what they would do.

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I’ve did a project not too long ago called EZYpet where you can purchase pets and use it in different games (if you have the loader script) which you can look here: RAR[UPDATE]EZYpet Pet Store - Roblox I’ve put customisation features such as adding particles and power-ups such as having more speedy pets.

I plan to integrate it into my new project since it fits well, it helps the social aspects of a game. In many cases, the better sociability, the better engagement periods