Pets UI [FeedBack Wanted!]

Hey, I recently made an pet inventory User Interface, but I don’t know what to really add, could I get some feedback and suggestions please :smiley:



First off, this is a nice UI; :+1:t4:

To improve, I’d suggest adding a bit more colour, or texture to it. As it is now with a plain grey and orange colour scheme is a bit boring to look at - at least personally. You could possibly try to implement a darker shade of orange to add some extra colour, and possibly even experiment with some yellow or orange paw prints scattered on the grey, to bring it to life a bit more.

Also, the shadows on the text is quite dark, so maybe lighten that a bit.

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Okay! I will add some more colours!

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Rounded edges or custom borders might fit this UI more based on the font you have chosen. Also, try putting the black text shadow beneath the other text or to the right–the shadow looks odd on top. Also, the shadows are too large like the person above said. Last, I suggest making the padding on the left two white frames equal to the padding of the grid of pets. Best of luck! :octopus:

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