PGS Constraints Unstable

I made an R15 ragdoll free model back in 2016. It has not been updated this year, but it has become extremely unstable. I’m not sure how recent the issue is because I haven’t used it in a while, but @Simbuilder or @Klocko might because they use it in their games. All issues demonstrated below can be reproduced by resetting in:

I wasn’t able to reproduce it in SimBuilder’s VehicleSimulator (press q to ragdoll). I tried ragdolling without killing the player and without changing any NetworkOwnership, but the issues still occurred.

Issue #1: The ragdoll explodes off into infinite space

Not all the time, but enough to reproduce consistently, the ragdoll will explode off into infinite space, only to abruptly (but not completely) re-attach at the death point:


Issue #2: Constraints sometimes fail to attach

Every time I reset with the ragdoll, my 2008 Visor no longer stays connected to my head (accessories are connected with HingeConstraints to the head). I’m unsure what the root cause is (e.g. do certain accessories not attach, or is it the nth accessory?)


Potential Issue:

I can’t say definitively, as this may just be me observing things in a negative light because of the previous two issues, but constraints seem less precise, get stuck (if I reset, I may be stuck standing up bending backwards slightly), and update at a lower framerate.


Yeah, I’ve noticed my limbs exploding into nowhere/freaking out. It might depend on the body parts being worn, it seems fine with blocky limbs.

Problem identified: The ragdoll does not work if the following apply (observed by myself; may not be correct):

  • The character has hats/accessories
  • The character is not the default size

@EchoReaper Are your ragdolls still unstable? I just tried your script-lite place and MoCap and my character doesn’t explode when resetting. Have you tried with and without accouterments? What ragdoll are you using?