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About Me
Hi! I’m Alex, a Vietnamese-American Roblox Developer. I specialize in building and scripting and have mediocre experience in 3d modeling and UI design. I am able to adjust to most building styles but prefer low poly.

Notable Clients

⭐ Notable Clients
🌴 Arcade Island X

Arcade Island X: Working Arcade :palm_tree:
Arcade Island X is the biggest Arcade game on Roblox with over 20M visits. I was commissioned for a number of models and created a module that retrieves a user’s Youtube subscriber count using the Youtube API.

🏝️ Venti®

Venti® is among the top cafe roleplay games on the platform with over 570k group members. I was formerly a builder at Venti.

🍦 Glacé

Glacé is the biggest ice cream parlor roleplay game on the platform with over 400k group members. I am a full-time developer at Glacé as a scripter.

🥤 Iron Cafe

The Iron Cafe
Iron Cafe is another top cafe roleplay game with over 290k group members. I was formerly a builder and scripter for Iron Cafe and was commissioned to contribute to their V3.

⚡ Impulsive Studios

Impulsive Studios
Impulsive Studios is the 15th biggest studio group on Roblox and has created many hit games. I was commissioned to make merch a while back. (I no longer offer clothing design services.)

🎵 honey&tea

honey&tea is a prominent group in the gameshow industry with over 32k members. I was formerly the Chief Development Officer of this group.

❄️Iceberg hotels™

Iceberg hotels™
Iceberg hotels™ is a large hotel roleplay group on Roblox with over 102k group members. I was formerly a builder for this group.


🕛 Recent Work
🛠️ Building


⛓️ Modeling


🖥️ Scripting & UI


💸 Pricing

:hammer_and_wrench: Building
Usually from :robux_gold: 50,000 to :robux_gold: 150,000 or $175 to $350. Prices run lower or higher depending on complexity and size.

:chains: Modeling
Ranges from :robux_gold: 500 to :robux_gold: 5,000 or $5 to $20. Prices run lower or higher depending on complexity and size.

:desktop_computer: Scripting
Prices for scripting services vary heavily depending on complexity. Feel free to reach out for inquiries.

📑 Terms of Service

1. Payment

  • All cash payments must be in USD through PayPal
  • A 50% upfront payment is required with the exception of reputable and notable groups and developers
  • I will not take a percentage in a game unless discussed otherwise
  • Tax must be covered if payment is via gamepass. Group funds is preferred
  • I do not offer refunds

2. Service Guidelines

  • I reserve the right to refuse service to anyone. If I am not confident that I will be able to adequately complete a request, I will not accept the commission
  • I will not create anything that violates Roblox TOS

3. Commission Guidelines

  • I have a life outside of developing. I am a tri-sport student-athlete so my schedule is packed. Do not rush me. If I do not complete a commission on time, compensation will be offered
  • If you do not respond to a message within 24 hours, I will cancel the commission. Communication is important
  • (Models) I will only make changes to models before I import them into Studio.


🕗 Schedule

My timezone is PST

My schedule fluctuates depending on the time of year. I am generally more available on weekends.

📱 Contact

:roblox_light: phamosaur
:bird: phaamosaur
:video_game: alex2069

Thank you


Ordered a big merch order of 12 clothes, I am very impressed with the quality of the shirts but also the delivery time was great, got it the next day! Great prices worth hiring.


Where do I even start… Alxzile is one of the coolest and friendliest people you will ever meet. Hes easy to get along with and his builds are top notch. You should order for him! :slight_smile:



I completely revamped my portfolio, and added Header Banners, readjusted prices and updated TOS/Occupations/Examples.
I also added notes on what things I did not make in some of the builds.

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I worked with Alex for the Holiday Game Jam. It was a pleasure having him on the team. Great communicator, dedicated and hard worker, and produced high quality builds for the map significantly helping the entire team. I recommend him for commissions!

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This portfolio is currently outdated. I’m working on updating it soon.

I’ve updated my portfolio and have opened commissions!

As of 6/5/2021, I’m looking for developer positions in cafe/bakery/etc roleplay groups with over 150k+ members.

Dropped you a FR on discord.

My tag is: K-V#2326

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I’ve made a ton of new 3d models. Once the game is released or once I get permission from my employer, I’ll add the images to my portfolio.

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I sent you a FR on discord Batpat#3487

Closed my portfolio to the public, although I’m still looking for cafe/bakery/etc roleplay groups with over 100k members that are looking for developers.

Going to consider offering my scripting services when I reopen my commissions, too.

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