Phantom Forces Fanart Feedback 2.0

I was looking at my older drawings and I stumbled across an old drawing of the Phantom Forces mascot (the character on the Animu sight for that game) I made in 2020, so I decided to redraw it.


Looks a bit questionable.

But that’s from 8 months ago, so not quite the new version.

This is the new version of the Phantom Forces fanart I drew starting August 6th and sort of ended August 8th.


I sort of didn’t want to complete the coloring because it’s harder than sketching her, so I’ll probably complete it all by tomorrow.

This is the sketch alone because my coloring skills are pretty questionable.


The screen of the Surface Pro 4 I use for drawing is a bit messed up which explains why I can see most of my mistakes once I put the image on a better screen, but I guess I can still fix her arms and the coloring.

I would like feedback on this, on how much I improved in 8 months and what I messed up on (which I think I already know what I messed up on).