Phantom forces laser?

trying to make a laser but how do I fix this issue?
Screenshot (707)
if i set the z index to 1 or 2 i get this
Screenshot (712)
if i use a particle emitter i get his
Screenshot (710)

I don’t get what’s wrong… It looks fine in the first image?

half of the light is in the ground

That’s kind of expected, considering that you’re aiming at the ground at an angle, you would almost have to make the laser see through (like as you in you can see it through walls.) If you wanted that to work.

Literally nothing you can do about it as far as I know besides adding a light to the billboardGUI position.

Most games don’t fix that from what I can tell.

add pointlight to the end of the laser (aka particle) maybe that will work

Oh, I just realized phantom forces didn’t fix this problem…