Phantombyte Studios is hiring a scripter!

About Phantombyte Studios
Phantombyte studios was a group founded by @UXZ16 we are fairly new and we are currently working on a open world car game! The game will have a large map and will have many car models and types, from sedans to off road.

The Team
Owner/ builder: @UXZ16
Head Scripter: @GamingForever941
Scripter: @Hiring

About the Job
You will be a scripter helping me Make a custom chassis. The chassis will have custom suspension and a hole lot more. We will also make other assets gor the game like a main menu. You will not have to make the models as they will be provided.

5 months or more experience,
+1 game worked on before,

Nice to haves
Worked on a car game before,
2 years or more experience,
Has knowlage with in real life cars,
+5 games worled on before,
Some Vouches,

We are paying %25 of all profits made from the games. At the moment there will be no back up payment but if you do well we may find some backup funds.

How to apply

To apply contact @GamingForever941 on the developer forums. If you dont include a portfolio you may not be taken seriously so inclide ine please!

Enjoy the restp of your day! Thank you for reading!

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