Phases of the Moon Concept Album

Building off an earlier post I made (Phases of Moon Concept Album) I decided to put out each moon phase I have completed to get an overall idea on the reception/feedback of it. Most pieces still need more mixing and I still intend to have interlude pieces but for the sake of uploading here, I am not including the interlude pieces.

New Moon

Waxing Crescent

First Quarter

Waxing Gibbous

Full Moon (tonight’s moon phase. Also too big of a file so I had to chop it up)

Waning Gibbous

Third Quarter

Waning Crescent

Any feedback is appreciated!


It sucks that your posts aren’t getting much traction, these are really good!

You could probably host it on a external website or your own on Github pages or something.

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When the whole album is finished I plan on uploading them all to my YouTube.

Also I appreciate the feedback!


1 minute into full moon first audio i really like the flute or something going rapidly up, it just sounds really nice, but waning gibbous is the best 100%. there’s really nothing i can say to change it just sounds great, and if you make these on your own that is insanely impressive (it already is). keep making music and things !