Pho Restaurant | Code of Conduct

As a prominent guest of Pho Restaurant, we kindly ask that you abide by our rules and regulations. Failure to do so can and will result in moderation action taken against you. Note that a mod/MR has the final say, and you are to follow their word.

Maintaining a Respectful Environment :handshake:

Be respectful to all people in and out of this community. There are different people that are a part of this community who want to feel welcomed and safe. Treat everyone with courtesy. Contribute to a safe community by being mindful of what you say, and respecting other people’s opinions or thoughts. Any form of discrimination, arguments, derogatory comments or any signs of disrespect are strictly prohibited here.

Appropriate Clothing :tshirt:

You are to be wearing appropriate clothing on your avatar. The following things are considered inappropriate (This list is not the final say):

  • Anti-LGBTQ+ phrases
  • Bypassed/racial slurs
  • Racist and/or sexist shirts
  • Invisible clothing with a realistic skin color
  • Body hair clothing

You will be awarded 30 seconds to change your inappropriate outfit. After that, you’ll be removed from the server. Any staff members has the right to deem your outfit inappropriate, even if it isn’t on this list.

Be Inclusive :tada:

Everyone is to be welcomed respectively and politely. We support and accept people of all backgrounds and identities into this community. No one is to be left out, everyone should feel involved. Feel free to introduce yourself and engage in a conversation with new members or anyone else. After all, we are all one big family.

Chatting :speech_balloon:

We request that all members of our community speak English within our games. We recommend using Google Translate (or another service) if you can’t speak English properly. You’ll be warned if you don’t use it, and then kicked. Bypassing is also prohibited.

Administrators :hammer:

Any mod or management+ member has the right to ban/kick your account for trolling, bypassing, or anything against our rules.

Drama :-1:

Situations may arise at any moment where you disagree with someone or you may be in the middle of “drama.” We ask you not to involve Pho Restaurant in any rising conflicting/problematic situation. Any “drama” that is brought here will be dealt with accordingly and will not be tolerated in this community. Please respect everyone in this community by dealing with it outside of Pho Restaurant.

STAFF: Professionalism :briefcase:

While you are within the Pho Restaurant premises, you must always remain professional. This will show how you can keep business and personal matters separate. All customers will judge the group based on how you perform, and will want to leave a good impression on others. Working here is a privilege, not a right, so we can always take it away if we feel that you cannot behave and do your job properly. Having fun can be achieved while keeping things professional, so always be aware of that.

Privacy :computer:

Privacy is a massive topic. We want to make sure you feel safe and comfortable within this community at all times. We ask for you not to share any personal/private information about yourself to anyone when talking publicly. As a family, we watch out for each other. Stay aware of who you share your information with. Don’t feel obligated to share because of peer pressure.

STAFF: Accountability :zap:

For Staff, you will be asked to complete certain tasks at the restaurant. Whether it’s serving customers the right way or taking care of tasks as a Middle/High Rank, it will be your responsibility to complete it. To prevent any conflicts, or issues, we ask that you take ownership of your own actions.

Demonstrate Intergity :girl:

The act of integrity demonstrates how a person is, and we put a lot of trust into our staff members with multiple tasks and documents. Lying will not only end up with consequences, but it’ll stir up countless issues within the Management Team. We ask you to be honest and to not lie when it comes to situations like these.

Common Sense :brain:

Please utilize common sense while at the restaurant. If someone asks you to stop, stop. Don’t try to find loopholes to avoid rules, you’ll be dealt with.

Main handbook: Pho Restaurant | Public Handbook

Approved by the Pho Restaurant Leadership Team; 7/4/2020
Last updated 7/4/2020

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