Phong Shading on Meshes

I’ve seen many meshes on roblox utilize phong shading to smooth edges on low poly objects, however I can’t figure out how to retain phong shading on my objects when I import them to roblox. No matter what format I choose, the phong is never there on import. How do people accomplish this?

They use blender, to make low poly objects to get that smooth edges on the meshes.

The smoothing effect you’re seeing is a result of models having smooth normals.

Blender allows you to apply smooth shading (smooth normals) to selected vertices/edges/faces of models when in edit mode, or apply modifications like edge split to a fully smoothed model to automatically create sharp edges.

I’m still using the old UI and the tools to manually mark smooth and sharp vertices are in the left pane in edit mode by default.

On cylinders, I love using the edge split modifier after using smooth shading. It really gives a smoother look to it.