Photo Realism Project #2

Hello Again! This Post is to show off one of my Cool and interesting Photo realism projects. For this one, I tryed to make look as best I could in a short amount of time. In the end it took me around 3 hours to make. Hope you enjoy!

  • PS, People are flagging my post for being in the wrong category, so if you disagree with what I did, please try asking me what topic you think it should be in. Thanks!

This project consist of PBR Texture added apon Very realistic Models.

Game Link: [ Immersive Desert - Roblox ]

ㅤCombining all of these assets, I was able to create a Photo Realistic Environment.

ㅤUsing the Lighting properties, I was able to create a realistic Setting

ㅤI then went around placing some Extremely Realistic Models around the place

Well, Thats it
Hope you enjoy, and if you did make sure comment what you thought!

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Insane! Looks great can’t wait to see what else you create :+1:


Feedback: Maybe make the light of that vehicle less yellow and more white-ish. Other than that, everything else is pretty much perfect. :+1:

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Really well done, yet simple techniques. Nice.

bananas are my favorite fruit.


This is a cool creation hence the cool creations category. Now, I am not usqually the one finding this but do you think you are able to open source it considering you mentionned the assets were not yours. I’m simply more interested in the lighting since thats an aspect of my games I have been unable to nail since 2020 lol.

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Yeah, I was trying to find a color that was not to bright and not to dark. I’ll just saturated it a little. Thanks!

Haha. I tried to hide lots of hidden fruits around the map, I think there is a couple more.:+1:

For this project I don’t think I will, but I do have another photo realism project that I will, so keep an eye out for it👍

I checked most of your games out as well, the thing is; its mostly free models and has a ton of bugs. Example: Round Earth Physics Demo - Roblox if your physics FPS gets down below 60 you start to move in weird ways. Happens when you start lagging your game entirely.
RTX Test - Roblox and this is just Doomspire with glass texture on everything. I don’t understand how you consider this “RTX”.

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Does it lag? I can’t test it rn so I don’t know. If that doesn’t lag, then I’m doing something wrong with my pbr forest ;-;

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Yeah, round earth physics was just really a test for what you could do… and for the Rtx test, I was just messing around with the new future lighting roblox added

Well I run a rtx 3060 with a amd ryzen 7 5800x processor so I have no clue, I think that it works on mobile so I’ll check that

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This is very nice work but do you mind me asking how you made the lightning like that?

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I used a plug-in that cost 150 robux to do it for me, it’s well worth it - I’ll find the link for you

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im counting that as a flex
and also mobile will run perfectly fine in like every single game. 60 fps. On my iPhone 13 pro it’s always fine, and so was it on my older phones. But it’s just that mobile has lighting issues that display sometimes weird shadows, textures, etc.

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Thanks for replying i appreciate it!

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Yeah roblox’s lighting engine for mobile devices is awful, especially when your trying to show off realism projects. But I guess they do thst to help the FPS limitations that mobile devices have.

but not gonna lie: For the most parts, except for terrain lighting, mobile is awesome in future lighting, at least for me. It’s like having a smaller rtf 3090 that occasionally malfunctions

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I know it’s not real time ray tracing, but simple put it sounded better