Photoblox a powerful roblox UI editing plugin

Hello Developers :wave:

If you’ve been working with Gui in roblox studio then you probably know how stressful it is selecting frames, moving and aligning them and we’ve all wished roblox had some similar functions to photoshop which would make our lives much less stressful.

I’m here to save you!

Let me introduce to you Photoblox a very powerful UI editing plugin which brings in many features into roblox, the plugin brings quick shortcuts such as arrow keys to move, space to hide handles, also brings in features such as rulers to help you alight things correctly the way you want, advanced scaling with a quick scale option that shows a small menu next the selected frame to quickly scale theme, quick positioning to quickly align a frame or an ancho point, and finally under the settings menu you can edit the arrow keys movement by pixels, enable edit mode which locks you ability from selecting anything in the workspace and allows you to quickly select frames from your screen!

please note that the plugin is not fully done yet and I will be introducing 1-3 new features every month!

Set up
Watch [this](Setup guide: Photoblox showcase and setup guide - YouTube) video to guide you setting it up.

IMPORTAINT: you must set your device screen to 1920x1080 for the plugin to fully work.

Get the plugin here:…

For any bug reports or feature suggestion please contact me via twitter by a DM or a mention at @ItsMrSwoop

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I think you should make a LITE version so you can get the tools to more people (chop out the bonus features that arent essential) and link this one in that post. That way you can post on #resources:community-resources as people rarely check here.

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Seems pretty cool, but I would like to criticize a bit.

Firstly, this intro to the plugin seems unnecessary.

Another thing is, your device screen must be set to 1920x1080 for the plugin to work. This is not at all needed since you can literally just get the ViewportSize in the Camera.

I would consider purchasing this plugin if there was a class converter aswell.
Seems pretty cool though.

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Another plugin which has UI that perfectly replicates core plugins. How? Did you make this UI yourself, or did you use a library, template, or what?
I would love to know!

Try updating the plugin you’ve got a very old version :sweat_smile:

Not sure if this has occurred for anyone else, but when I select a ScrollingFrame with AutomaticCanvasSize on the Y axis it will freeze my entire studio. Not 100% if it’s this plugin, but when I deactivated the plugin on studio it no longer froze my studio instance when selecting the scrolling frame.

Other than this, I love this plugin it’s amazing. Honestly you’ve outdone yourself with this plugin.

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I got this error, i published everything and restart my studio still getting this error after updating it, I hope i get reply.