Phsycological Horror Game Plot Feedback

Here Is A Bunch Of Flow Diagrams For The Plot Of A Horror Game I Am Working On.

If You Want To Give Feedback That Is Nice But I’m Mostly Doing This To Just Show Off The Plans For The Plot Itself, If This Post Gets Enough People Around It I Will Start Showing Off The Game Itself.

I Also Understand The Aspect Ratio Isn’t The Greatest So If You Want To See It Better Use: Ctrl And +/- To Get A Closer Look. You Can Also Just Click On The Images.


“Player jumps off ledge and then end screen”

So, a suicide game??
That’s against terms of service, meaning your game wouldn’t be allowed on Roblox, I think.


no the end screen explains a different concept I understand its not well explained since these notes were mostly jotted down for myself I only thought to show it off after i already got a large portion of the game done, I’m changing it now.

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