Phxtn | Free 2D Artist [OPEN]


[color="#0ee3eb"] PHXTN [/color]

2D Digital Artist
image photon#1065 || image @_phxtn || image phxtn

[color="#0ee3eb"] ABOUT ME [/color]

Hey there! I’m phxtn. (You can call me photon, or phx for short). I am a 15 year old self-taught programmer that has been programming on this platform for about 1.3 years. I also make digital art because its fun ¯ _(ツ)_/¯

You can also view my programming portfolio if you want:

[color="#0ee3eb"] EXAMPLES [/color]


A banner I made for a friend of mine @Shinkajin

some random drawing i made for practise

another drawing I made for a friend of mine @Katalysti

A quick drawing I made for a friend of mine. (didn’t draw the coat )

[color="#0ee3eb"] INFORMATION [/color]


  • If your going to want me to draw for you, you’ll need to give a reference, or something.
    -After the drawing is completely done, and you don’t like it, I’m sorry but I probably won’t redo it.
  • I have the right to decline a request
  • My Timezone is GMT
  • I may take some time as I am busy often.
  • I won’t redo your request if you don’t like it


None, this is free.


You can contact me via Devforum Message, Twitter, or Discord [photon#1065]. Discord is my preferred method of communication

[color="#0ee3eb"] HAVE A GOOD DAY [/color]


Hello! I’ve contacted you! Thanks for making this free by the way! :smiley:

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Gonna hit you up. EternalCanadianDev#1541

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You got some room for improvement, practise is what you need right now. Stay safe friend!

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Thats why he made it free

30 charrs


Amazing artist btw. The work he made for me looks amazing! Reccomend him for when he opens commisions again.


Hi I send you an friend request on discord!

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Hi, I like your Arts! :sparkling_heart:
DM me via the discord abd#0001

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Decided to reopen this after 11 months :slightly_smiling_face:

Message me on discord: phx#1065