Physic Lag on cloned object

guys anyone knows what happened here and how to fix it?
this is what the studio see:
player view:


It seems like generating a lot of unanchored parts and not destroying them may cause roblox to lag. Try and limit the amount of unanchored parts you have possibly. And destroy those parts right after they are used.

set the network owner to the player with Part:SetNetworkOwner(player)
its only on server, you cant do this on client

It could be a server ownership issue or just lag also is that a elephant toothpaste thing? I love it its satistfying.

I’d suggest simulating this on the client instead of the server. Setting the network ownership of parts to a specific player gives that player full physics control of that assembly (they could fling players, move the parts very fast etc.)

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hahaha yes it is an elephant toothpaste

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how I do this? using a local script? my clone system not working in the local script I don’t know why

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