Physics-based Fish n' Chip Shop

Been working on a small project for the past few days, heavily inspired by games such as Cook Burgers and Sushi Shop Simulator. Essentially, you and some others inherit a Fish n’ Chip shop and have the responsibility of running it and ensuring it doesn’t go bankrupt.

The gameplay is relatively simple and easy to understand, you pick up various foods (as of now Fish or chips) and go through a few steps to turn them from inedible product to a nice cooked meal. All foods are cooked in a deep fryer and are all put into a box before serving to a customer.

I’m open to all critisism and I’ll likely join the game if anyone else decides to give it a go.


I’ve just recently played the game and I found it quite enjoyable! I really enjoyed playing it although I do have 2 comments.

It was a bit hard to control the food and items on mobile. Often times when I pick up an item and move my character the item would just drop, after a bit it did get a bit easier to control as I got more used to it.

The other thing, I’m not sure if this was intentional or not but whenever two customers are wanting the same food and you put one of the food on the counter both of them will take it.

But other than those two things it was a great game and I’ll most likely be playing it again. :smiley:

Edit: played again, it’s easier to control the items if you make slower movements although I’m not sure if new players will stick around to find that out.

Also, I gave two customers some chips and they said “yes now laa” and just stood there holding up the line? This confused me, even when the store closed they were still there along with every other person in the line before the shop closed.

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