Physics-Based Jetway / airport gate


Perhaps this thread belongs in building design, but building support seems best for now.

So I’m building a jetway which I plan to free at the end of its development which will operate based on roblox physics. It uses Motor6D’s and hinges to push the jetway forward and adapt to whatever aircraft is at the jetway at the moment. Here’s a gif.

And another

Obviously, the second one is not what we are after. I’ll describe my setup for now.

Two invisible (red) parts are welded to the frame of each section of the jetway (red)

The line you see connecting through the middle is a cylindrical constraint I put there to make the two sections stay in alignment. Furthermore, before I knew about cylindrical constraints, I extended the edges of section A (smaller) so that it stuck into the frame of section B (larger section).

This should at least create a normal force so that Section B doesn’t fly out somewhere. But somehow, with the cylindrical force and the normal force, my jetway still isn’t working how I want it. Any suggestions on how to fix this?

Note: The cylindrical force usually makes the jetway at least correct itself once it makes a mistake, but the glitches are ugly and I don’t like it :stuck_out_tongue:

Edit: I changed some things up, and I think I might have gotten it. I decided to stop using motors on the bridge, and make those purely for cosmetics, then I used an AlignPosition to move my Constraint (red) part from section 2 forward to a predetermined spot further up the trail. The only problem with this is that I’ll need to find some way to allow players to stop the jetway from extending too much. Wish me luck, and I saved another copy of the jetway shown here, so if you see a way to fix it, still tell me.


What if you put an OnTouch ‘button’ at the end of the jetway that stops the extension when it touches another part?

I think I’m really already doing this by having the alignposition moving my extension to another spot. The problem is that I don’t want the jetway to have intervals, I want it to be able to be freely controlled; however I don’t know if I’ll have a choice.

I haven’t used alignPosition yet, but with any of the other Servo movements of the Prismatic or Hinge Constraints won’t it always try to get to that position, even if something is in the way?
I meant have a Part at the end of the Jetway that shuts off the Jetway movement script if it contacts (OnTouch) anything, a jet, vehicle or Player. Similar to how a real Jetway would have safety switches to do the exact same thing.

Use a prismatic constraint on the extending part of the Jetway so it moves in only one direction (outwards or inwards.)

wow! great design! is it available yet?