Physics based vehicle simulation game

Hello guys, today i want to show to you all my chassis called PBSE_CHASSIS a fully Roblox-physics based vehicle chassis, made from scratch.

If you think it’s an edited version of A-Chassis, you’re completely wrong,
I Focused on making the chassis very optimized and modulable.
Basically yo create a vehicle i take around 20 Minutes as the whole setup is almost fully automatic.

Most of the time i slap this chassis on vehicle models on the toolbox to save time.

Please read the tutorial carefully as opearing a car is not by simpling holding W like every game.

You can try the game out there: Physics Cars [BETA] - Roblox

I also want to advise that the MAP is a placeholder, and it’s subject to change in the future.


ok so i started the car and its very smooth excleent 10/10

ok so now im driving
ook yes its good 9/10

but is there automatic gear mode


Not yet, but if i do, only some vehicles will have such feature


hey i added automatic gear mode

ok ill check it out later i might forget tho so if i do not respond wihtin 2 days then remind me

hello im here to give you a small remind to check it

Ok I’ll check it out some time today unless i forget

ok I played and it’s really good I also see a lot of improvements, this is the best chassis I have splayed
and mouse steering mode is very useful for long turns so instead of constantly steering you can use the mouse which can also make a realistic turns

also t for tcs isn’t working

hey, not all cars have TCS system, you know that?

ohhhhhhhh ok i didnt know sice i am not a ar expert but yea the sytem is good

any suggestion to make the game get popular?

idk advertising is abosultyty uselessa fter the roblox upadate thing

youc ould try social media