Physics Error in Roblox Studio

In Roblox Studio I am building a game (an obby in fact), and there is an error where the part connects with another part, and it flips.
Here is a video:

Please can someone help me solve it.
P.S: This is only my 2nd post, so I apologize if it is the wrong category.

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You likely have some kind of plugin running that’s causing this - to my knowledge there’s no default Studio tool that causes this. See below, I learn something new every day haha.

I just tried to replicate the issue with turning collisions on and off for both an anchored and unanchored Part, and used the default Move tool, and had the expected results, nothing like what you have here.

You’ll need to check your plugins, and if there’s nothing obvious, provide more info for us such as a list of plugins, showing what your Quick Access Bar settings are, what scripts, if any, are present, as well as a shot of Explorer and Properties. Edit your first post to include this info (so others can see without scrolling down), DO NOT reply to me with this info :slight_smile:

If you have any BodyMovers in the Part, this might cause this? But I’ve literally never seen this before haha.

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The most likely cause of this problem is that you have both Collisions and Constraints turned on. These options are located right next to the Select, Move, Scale etc. tools in Studio.


I was able to replicate this behavior with both of them turned on.