Physics Interactions in the non-Play mode of Studio

Interesting behaviour in studio. Parts now interact with physics. Was this accidentally pushed to production without an announcement?

I haven’t seen anything about this - perhaps an issue with the animation editor?

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This only happens if you have the “Collisions” mode enabled. See here for more information: Inverse Kinematic Drag Tools Now Available!

Right - I don’t remember enabling this myself, I’ve just tested it myself in-studio and someone else confirmed (via gif) Is it on by default?

It is disabled by default.

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Specifically it’s the “Constraints” button combined with the “Collisions” button.

Constraints is disabled by default, but if you were “lucky” enough to open Studio at the one hour in the past where this feature was briefly enabled by default you might have had the setting saved as enabled without you clicking it.

Disable the “Constraints” button and everything will go back to normal.

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