Physics not applied to part after WeldConstraint is destroyed

When a WeldConstraint suspending an unanchored part is destroyed, the part will remain floating. The physics of the part will only be applied when touched by another unanchored object. This can be easily replicated by using a weldconstraint to attach one unanchored part to another, and then destroying the constraint.

The issue can be seen here:

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You deleted the WeldConstraint in client mode. It did not replicate to server which controls the physics.

Further elaboration; there are two modes while testing solo. Server or client mode. You can see what is happening in one client in client mode while you can see what is replicated in server. Assume that the WeldConstraint was deleted in client. Due to FilteringEnabled, the WeldConstraint did not delete itself in server, which still held it up.

That’s assuming the server has network ownership of the part. If the client has network ownership, this isn’t right.

That being said; I do not believe the weld deletion replicates.

This did also happen to me with parts that have network ownership set to the client.

Try destroying it on both the client and the server (one or the other or both). If the issue persists or you’ve already done this, file a bug report or ask a Lead Top Contributor for assistance in moving your thread over to #platform-feedback:engine-bugs.