Physics Properties

This might be asking a bit much but I think it’d be a nice feature if you could enable or disable certain physics properties. For example if when you’re climbing trusses on an angle and when you try to jump and get up it bounces off making it harder to climb up. So it’d be like Physics[Property]Enabled and the code would be like:

Workspace.PhysicsTrussBounceEnabled = false There would be a ton of properties but you could make them open up in a treeview so that they don’t take up as much space. Or when you’re setting your walkspeed to example 100.00 and you slide from the friction when usually you’d only slide when you were over the speed of about 200. So that code would be like:

Workspace.PhysicsMovementFrictionEnabled = false --dragforce 

The only reason that I’m saying the workspace service is because that’s where you interact with other objects.

Unfortunately, such properties are only useful if they actually work.

And maintaining all of those properties and making sure that ever combination works correctly after every change to humanoids / physics is pretty much impossible (Even just 5 such true/false options = 2^5 = 32 different combinations to test). So it’s quite possible that even if such options were added you would still not be able to get what you wanted due to bugs. And even fixing the bugs with a large proliferation of options like that is hard, because your fixes to some sets of options can even end up breaking other sets of options.

So, unfortunately as nice as a proliferation of options like that seems, it doesn’t end up very well in practice.

I just want Humanoid.ClimbingEnabled and Humanoid.JumpHeight lol