Physicsless chassis

Searching for a chassis that is physicsless, where gravity doesn’t work on it, I mean it does, as in, it stays on the ground, but it shouldn’t have any trouble going uphill and it shouldn’t get faster going downhill, does anyone know how this can be done or does anyone have any physicless chassis, if not, dies anyone know how I can script this.

In this topic a guy posted a place file link but I can’t get in

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use body velocity to make the car move forward and back and use body angular velocity to turn the car

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and use body force to make sure the car is stick to the ground check the roblox jeep model from the racing game template that car is actually very good

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I don’t really know how to add those things but I’ll look for tutorials and try it out

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You know what this sounds like. These criteria actually fit the criteria of what Humanoid does in practice as humanoids effortlessly climb up uphill with the same horizontal velocity in the steepest of ramps and downhill as well.

With some lerping you can simulate acceleration for a humanoid using a trick like this and you can have a vehicle humanoid kind of thing which I know another game that does.

Otherwise, seems pretty tough idk what to suggest other than a completely custom solution with all the body force and body movers.

You could try making all the parts in the vehicle massless or setting density to zero. You might also want to set the hinge torque on the wheels to max or increase the friction in the wheels.