Pick a Side | Small Quick Game | Need Scripter to Help Finish

Basic info
Hey, I’m just looking for a scripter to help me finish up a small quick-pay project. It’s pretty much a simple pick-a-side game, with a cool little map, if you’re looking for a project to gain some quick easy Robux or some followers, why not just take a little time and script this. I have already built the entire map and will handle gfx or any other models we need. As for advertisement I have around 10k Robux to advertise with for the game’s launch.

Pay will be an equal percentage, so like 50-50. If we don’t make much I can compensate you for your work with 5000 Robux, considering this shouldn’t take too long to script.

You can either contact me through the dev forums on Twitter at @plethoa or on Discord @Plethoa#9971

Map Pictures

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