Pick Screen Color does not respect windows scaling on in Windows 10

Bug: The pick screen color option does not correctly work on high DPI screens with scaling on in Windows 10

Reproduction steps

  1. Open up Windows settings
  2. Click on System
  3. In the display tab, move the “Change the size of texts, apps, and other items” and set it to 200%
  4. Open up Roblox studio
  5. Insert ScreenGui
  6. Insert Frame
  7. Try to pick background color3

Expected result
Color under cursor is the same as the one picked

Actual result
The color is wrong, off by a factor of 2.

Has occurred for the last month. Part of the pick color on screen update.
Operation system: Windows 10
QT5 version of studio (see the post below for version)

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I hate to necro this thread. but this is still an issue for me.

I’m on a 1080p laptop, and having scaling at 125% and the issue goes away when i set that back down to 100%

screencap at 125%:

screencap at 100%:

again. i really hate to necro this, but duplicate threads are bad, and no one else has brought this up from what I’ve seen. (as a bug report)

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This is still happening. But worse:

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