Picking colours & textures for a motel room!

I’m making a motel for a roleplay game, set in the 70’s, and I’m debating on how to do the interior style

Here is a crummy draft of the exterior.

I’m open to feedback on the build too, but k
keep in mind that the room itself is incomplete, I’m going to add more decoration and potentially more furniture.

In terms of interiors, I’m thinking of either matching the outside theme, which is a bit more modern, with logs, and neutral gray-beige tones. And pendleton accents!

Or, wood panels galore- I could be a bit more true to decade. It feels a tad mismatched with the exterior but it’s not entirely out of place, given the game is set in the 70’s. I’ve been in motor inns like this and they’re not awful.

  • Clunky 70’s
  • Lodge style

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