Picking Fonts Is Too Hard

As a Roblox developer, it is currently too hard to select a font, recently compounded by the introduction of 25 (very cool) new fonts. The lack of examples for each font requires I either memorize the complete font roster or click through them one by one to find something I like.


Two potential solutions are to make each font name appear with its style, or to show what the label’s text would look like when you hover over the option (much like Microsoft Word). Also, making the dropdown box taller would make it easier for me to see all my options. That’d be nice too.

If Roblox is able to address this issue, it would improve my development experience because I’d be able to make UI design decisions much more quickly.

Fredoka One FTW.


Google Docs shows the font names in that font. Roblox could do something like this for the Font picker.


I feel like a better solution would be to turn the drop-down into a search bar and the options appear in a drop-down. Ultimately, if you don’t choose from the drop-down (if you only type the name, which may be incorrect), the font won’t be changed.

But yeah, having no preview is a nightmare when you have more than just a handful of fonts.


I actually had a chart with all the fonts minus Arial and Legacy. I’ll share it tomorrow.

Here’s the fonts.


This is such a simple but useful feature. I did not think of making a feature request on this, but the other day I was trying to pick a font and I had to blink a few times just to see what I am reading.

It was so hard that I had to go back to the post on the new fonts just to see their fonts with the font being used.

I do not want to do that every time.