Picking up a character like a tool?

hey! i need some help with scripting as i’m honestly not too great at scripting real games,
i’m trying to create a horror style game where you have to progress through a building, but i’m struggling to script events where you find certain items and characters.
for example:

i have a character which i would like the player to pick up to progress through the game but i have no idea how to make that work.
I’ve tried welding to the players arm but it’s not exactly what i was hoping for. I’d like it to be more like a tool?

If anyone could help me with this i’d be really grateful! thanks for your time if youve read this far.


can you explain a little bit on how they are suppose to pick it up?

Name the Npc, “Handle” and place it inside a tool instance. Make sure all of the parts are welded and unanchored.