Picture in Picture Scope (Image Magnifying) Tutorial

Just a quick disclaimer, this is made by using Glass aka the buggiest material in all of ROBLOX. If you want decals, particles and/or semi-transparent objects to appear you shouldn’t use this technique to magnify objects.

The magnifying effect only works for 8+ Graphics

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I suppose you have the actual scope that you’re going to add the magnifying effect to. Which will probably just look like a tube.

First, add a glass sphere inside your tube. Make sure its centered so it doesn’t cause any problems. The less transparency it has and smaller it is; the more magnified the image will be.

Then, you will have to duplicate the sphere and make it a cylinder. Make sure it covers the entire sphere except the part which you’ll be looking from. It might still cut a few bits off the front glass but most of the time it doesn’t cause any problems. (if it does cause any problems, just add a cylinder with a hole in it to cover the edges)

You will have to negate the cylinder, and union it with the glass sphere.
And your scope will be done.


The more close you are, the less magnified it is. The “scope shadow” effect also appears if you are too close or wiggle the scope a bit.

If you have any questions I’m willing to answer them. Thanks for taking the time to read this tutorial.



This is Useful,

Couple of Questions:

  • How would you slightly Alter the Distortion of the Scope?
Question #2


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Can you show what you mean?

I found this out while messing with the glass material. No idea.

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I’m referring to the Distortion Effect with the Scope:

How would I alter it?

You would have to make the glass bigger, so it would look less spherical therefore altering the distortion.

Actually Nevermind, i simply fixed it by Turning the Ball Into a UnionOperation by combining 2 of them, and Changing its Size:

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You can’t combine glass because both of them are semi transparent. The one on the front makes the one on the back entirely invisible

I mean like I put two Spheres together, same size, Same Position and created a Union, that way i could alter on axis rather than all

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Also can you show me a magnified and non magnified view? I feel like that just wouldn’t work.

The Effects are more Appearent with smaller Scopes


Very small magnification but does the job.