Picture Support(Dev Forum)

Since I’m a new member of Developer Forum, I can’t send pictures, but am I able to send a link for a picture? I don’t want to get banned please help me.(Reply if I can or not, please.)

It could be because the image size is too big. Roblox allows you to use a link to post the image instead of uploading it if that’s the case.

So Your saying I can post a Link of the image?

Try a gyazo link or other image sharing service like imgur. You won’t get banned for posting a picture anyways, they’d just send you a warning.

Is lightshot okay? because I don’t want to get warned, I already have a warning on Roblox.

If you can share an image, it’s likely ok. And I have a few warnings on Roblox, but don’t worry. The automod system warns you sometimes for false positives, such as uploading certain decals or models which roblox thinks is bad.

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Okay, Thanks!\ so much I appreciate it very much!

You can upload images to the forum already.

This shows supported file formats.

Or you can drag them into the composer window.

It said, New Members can’t upload images.

New member is not a role on the forum as far as im concerned, if you are getting that message it could be because you didn’t have permission to post in catagories point blank.

Well now it works, Thanks for all of you guys helping me.