Pie Charts with 15+ Options Cutting Out of View

Description: When viewing poll results on pie charts with more than 15 options (could be less than 15, unsure), the poll results cut off the screen and are enlarged.

Further details: I’ve tried this on two browsers (Safari, Chrome) on macOS Ventura 13.1 and both have the same issue. However, on iOS 16.2, the issue is not persistent (Safari).

Time Discovered: 7:22 PM Pacific Standard Time. December 29th, 2022.


Reproduction Steps: Create a poll with more than 15 options and view it on a desktop window, results should be cut off. (1-5 options works, 6-14 unknown, 15-21 does not work from what I’ve seen)


If this also occurs on meta.discourse.org, you probably want to report it there since it’s unlikely Roblox will be able to prioritize addressing this themselves.

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