Piggy FanMade Maps - Update Logs 4

New update

Hello everyone, our special update is out, It includes New map, translation and huge improvements.

Features & Improvements

  • New map: Welcome to our new map… Pyramid, First map with anciest theme, ¡Beware of traps!

  • Translation: You don’t understand English?, Don’t worry, the game is now supported to Spanish and portuguese (Translation is based on the audience who play the game)

  • Improvement Item system: Items can only be taken by 1 player and will disappear when you use them (Avoid multiple players with the same item) and this improvement only apply for singleplayer mode, Corrupted dimension multiplayer and Pyramid multiplayer (Beta testing, Soon this will be appear on multiplayer)

  • New gamepass: Our first gamepass in the game is come out!, Vip gamepass includes exclusive chat tag and tag, exclusive tool (Apply in the lobby), exclusive room, exclusive morph and the ability to see old lobbies

  • New badge morph: New anciest morph (Pyramid Piggy)

  • Back to lobby UI: Improvement of this UI, modern design and striking

  • Teleport UIs: Changed wait() time (5s > 10s)

  • Ice cream puzzle: This puzzle will be regen every 60s (1 minute)


  • Fixed Cemetery round system
  • Fixed badge doors
  • Fixed Crowbar in Cemetery
  • Fixed RedKeyCard in Mine
  • Fixed Cemetery Priest
  • Fixed Reset Buttom in Badge morphs zone
  • Fixed regen system in all maps
  • Fixed items regen (They will not be able to regenerate on top of others)

Credits & Contributions

@Severus_Gameplays - Owner and Lead Developer
@Exrexy - Programmer, UIs designer and Translator
@rehaandriftking86 - Items contributor
@SxmpliiPiggy - Some Morphs Contributor
@TrashThrow - Some Morphs Contributor
@bunnypleh- Translator helper

Thanks everyone for support the Game, We are close to getting 3M Visits!, ¡This is Amazing! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: