Piggy FanMade Maps - Update Logs 5

New update

Hello everyone, our frequent update map come out with Improvements, bugs fixed and more. Check our update log here!

Features & Improvements

  • New map: Military base come out!, be careful :eyes:

  • Cooldown: Added cooldown system, this apply for reset buttom (3s), badge doors (7s),Teleport system (15s) and Traveler Puzzle (12s), you must wait a X seconds for interact again with something!

  • Lumberjack morph: Added LumberJack piggy morph (Since last update)

  • New gamepass: Our second gamepass on the game, this pass have a exclusive ability; Can play olds / events maps, exclusive zone, exclusive tool and a traveler morph.

  • ProximityPrompt: Added ProximityPrompt in the teleport system, with this new feature players can’t open multiples UIs (Since last update)

  • New Bananamin badge morph: Added Bananamin morph, Do you wanna eat bananas?

  • Badge doors: Removed the ability to open a badge door if a people in your server have a X badge (Now you must have the badge)


  • Fixed Green gear tool in Asylum (Since last update)
  • Fixed Traveler puzzle glass (4/25)
  • Fixed vip teleports hitbox and teleport zones (4/25)
  • Fixed info map UI position (4/25)
  • Changed game title in the starter UI (Removed easter theme)
  • Fixed Reset button (Since last update)
  • Fixed Sword tool in Pyramid
  • Fixed Sand puzzle hitbox in Pyramid (Since last update)
  • Fixed Maps info UI
  • Fixed Vip zone teleports
  • Fixed all moprhs falls when someone is near of them (Since last update)
  • Fixed random kill block in Lobby
  • Fixed “Loading screen” UI (4/28)
  • Fixed Traveler Teleport (4/28)
  • Fixed Traveler kill block (4/28)
  • Fixed Vip door (4/28)
  • Fixed Fireworks - Carnival zone (4/28)

Credits & Contributions

@Severus_Gameplays - Owner and Lead Developer
@Exrexy - Programmer, UIs designer and Translator
@rehaandriftking86 - Items contributor
@SxmpliiPiggy - Some Morphs Contributor
@TrashThrow - Some Morphs Contributor
@bunnypleh- Translator helper