Piggy Obby - UPDATE

Hey, how are you? :slight_smile:
Today, I introduce to you my Piggy Obby game, which is an Obby game based on Piggy characters. It’s a small game not too much advanced but its like tower of hell. Every 10 minutes round restarts, stages respawn etc. What I am looking for is feedback and for players to play it (just to get the average time spent). If you have time then please check it out. Play Piggy Obby!


Piggy Obby Updated!
What’s new-

  1. Level System Along with XP
  2. Coil Game Passes, XP game pass.
  3. Game Pass Icon remake
  4. Premium Benefits
  5. ROUNDS SYSTEM Every 10 minutes or so the whole obby gets deleted and is again generated randomly.
  6. Added a lot of stages. Now with difficulty factor. As the player advance, difficult stages will spawn.
  7. Fixed lag issues and improved performance.
  8. Obby spawned in spiral way so that players see more stages while they’re at start.

Please report bugs and steps to recreate them if you find any. Thank you for your time.


Was this allowed by MiniToon? If not, you should probably ask him for permission!


Yes, he gave me his permission! Although, I have only used the 3 piggy models made free by him. :slight_smile: I’m not certain that all are his models. :confused:

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Introducing Codes, now you can redeem codes to get extra benefits. Working codes - ObbyTown, Newbie, Diamonds, XPXP!