Piggy Style Games - Is it worth making one?

Hey there!

So I myself do not play Piggy - I have no interest in the game, it just isn’t something that appeals to me although I noticed games inspired by Piggy such as Puppet and Guesty have been getting really popular.

My question is, would it be worth making one?

You’re probably thinking, “Oh, another cash grab Piggy ripoff,” although I actually need funding for upcoming projects and it seems like a game people enjoy. If people enjoy playing the game and it puts a smile on their face then I’ll definitely consider making one.

Do you think it is worth making a game inspired by Piggy? Your opinions are appreciated!

  • Yes, I would play it
  • Yes and if it was high quality I would play it
  • Yes however it doesn’t appeal to me
  • No, it doesn’t appeal to me
  • No, Piggy inspired games are overused
  • No, I hate Piggy inspired games!
  • Other (Respond Below!)

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It’s like simulators, it’s mostly a big cash-grab. A lot of people will play it, then some will buy stuff, then the game genre will die, then you won’t get anymore players.

In my opinion, it’s not worth it, you will end up putting too much time and effort into something that will only be popular for a few months. (or not even get popular at all.)

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The reason I want to make a, “Cash grab game,” is because I want funding to make my dream games. I’m not gonna be making cash grab games all the time.

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I can understand that, but my point is, it’s not worth the time making it. Yeah sure, you will make some robux, but you will have to pay anyone who helped you (if you hire someone), then by the time you are done giving everyone their cut, you will only have a couple thousand robux left.

Plus, this is all based on if your game makes it. You will have to do everything just perfect to get players.

In reality, if the “funding” you need is only a few thousand robux, then take a shot, who knows, you could make it to the front page. Personally, I would go for a different cash-grab, maybe a simulator? or something unique that will make robux?


like matiss said it’s like a simulator, Take In Treasure Hunting Simulator it was popular for a couple of years, it got lots of attention from youtubers and normal roblox players. then one day at sometime it just dies, also take in mining simulator that game was one of my favorites, I grinded for at least 200 hours, then just got bored of it I had everything, every pet and every hat billions of dollars then it just stopped being fun for me last time I saw more than 10k player on it was like january of 2019 that’s when it just died there was no one to trade with all my friends had quit so what was really the point anymore.


@matiss112233 @XX_XXFRIED Okay, I understand. If i can make 10k Robux or so from it and then the game does down in popularity I’ll still be really happy because that’s enough funding to launch a different game with. Think it could make that much?

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Yeah, you have a pretty good chance to make ~10k if you find a way to make it decently known.


Alright, I’m planning on following @Alvin_Blox’s tutorials to speed up the process a bit so I can get the game out before the Piggy style game trend dies down in popularity. If I’m lucky enough to make that 10k I’ll definitely use it wisely. :slight_smile:


but what if it becomes a front page game you can’t just throw away, if there is people who enjoy it then you should stay on it squeeze it until it dies fully mining simulator is still getting updates to this day because it has a fanbase a community, so you can’t make a game and make it a throw away but hard work into it so you can be proud of it give it life give it a reason to stay, piggy is getting updates like build mode thoses don’t even make sense but it keeps the game alive.


Wouldn’t recommend AlvinBlox unless he has a specific tutorial for it, there are better ways to learn scripting than him.


Alright, if it gets popular I’ll continue development.

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Yeah, he has a series and a Piggy Kit so I’ll use that, I’ll not be completely his work though.

don’t use the piggy kit.
it’s not that well built (no offense)
make your own
so it can be original

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I will probably make the builds myself and just use the scripts. I mainly did building before I became interested in graphic design and programming.

Piggy games are a bit of a gamble. If you get the right people to play it (cough cough youtubers) then you have there a sucessfull piggy game, whether or not its original.

I have noticed, though, that if a game only very loosely follows the ‘piggy criteria’ and is able to change it up a lot, then a lot more people are going to play in than if you just followed the Alvin Blox tutorials and changed the name and character.

I recommend that you take a page out of Guesty’s book and if you do make a piggy-inspired game, inspire it after more than just piggy.

If you look at some other popular piggy games you’ll notice that sometimes they take inspiration from other popular games, like murder mystery 2 or flee the facility, for example.

Id say that although the piggy trend may be dying, there is enough space for you to jump in and make a super original game that happens to be inspired by piggy. But, a ripoff of piggy will only get thumbs-down ratings.

Really hope this helps you make a decision, kind regards.


As long as it is original, I’d be down with it.

I cant count how much times I see piggy games with the same house model. It seriously gets annoying see that map over and over again
No hate on AlvinBlox, but I think he should encourage viewers to make their own original map/teach them how to customize the GUIS and such


Guesty is still not one of the better ones imo, the best one I have seen so far is spider.

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I don’t know why people always hate on simulators a game is a game, most people don’t understand the age demographic of roblox is young, that is why most popular games the goal or principle of the game is simple, with polished mechanics. If you want to make a piggy game, then make it. Just ensure you adapt the key principles of piggy while adding some unique elements. Take for example : https://www.roblox.com/games/5118969548/Spider#!/store, this is one of the more popular piggy inspired games, and was recently released, but they added the unique mechanic of the creepy spider that many players enjoy, also the map is nicely designed in terms of game play and the environment.

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Is it worth making a simulator instead?

Instead of deciding which one is worth it, I would recommend you try coming up ideas with for both genres, and then select the idea you like the most, because if your not confident in the game your making you will lose interest after a few weeks or months into the project. Also, play a lot of the games within the genre you are making and try to understand what players enjoy so much about the game.