Pin annual What are you working on in #Cool-Creations or add URL when posting in #Cool-Creations

As a Roblox developer back in 2020, when I barely used the forum, I didn’t know that the Annual What are you working on threads existed. Back then, I needed minimal feedback that didn’t require a full topic.

The 2 simple solutions would to

  1. Pin the topic every year
  2. Add a link to the topic

If Roblox is able to address this issue, it would improve other experiences using the forum because they would know that the thread existed.

Thanks, WE


It would be very useful to have the waywoc thread pinned so I didn’t have to scroll down to see it. They should definitely do this.


It isn’t hard to search for the topic.

  1. Go to #help-and-feedback
  2. Click tags and type ‘waywoc’

Since you are using the forum, you should know how to search for topic you desire.

This feature is meant for newer forum users.

Considering it constantly gets replies and therefore bumped to the top, discoverability of the topic is not an issue.