Pineapple | Remove unwanted scripts easily

Pineapple is no longer maintained. If you own the plugin, you may redownload it from here: Pineapple | Remove unwanted scripts - Roblox


and… how is this different from just putting “script” in the explorer search?

If you didn’t read the post, this plugins shows you malicious scripts

And why are you posting this again? This is like the third time seeing this “Pineapple” post.

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Because my post got incorrectly deleted by forum staff

this has a lot of potential! and its a shame you don’t see that, as you want to lower the price…
the benefits over other plugins is very reasonable and when I can afford it, I will definitely use this!
thank you for creating this

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this is no different than just searching for “script”. “malicious scripts” is quite literally the same as “unwanted scripts”, which;
1: you get warned when inserting anything with a script
and 2: Will be shown when you search for “script”.
I can see why it has been removed by the moderators multiple times, as what you’ve made already exists for free, built in with studio

sometimes there are cases where the owner of a trustworthy freemodel gets hacked and something malicious gets injected

this is just a tool to help you get rid of that middle step of doing all that manual labor and getting rid of that discrete backdoor you just can’t find after inserting a ton of scripts

since this is also being actively maintained, people can report new backdoor or virus methods, and this plugin maintainer can patch those relatively quickly

if its not for you, that’s fine, but no need to actively bash OP


I don’t use free models all that much, but this is something I think is really cool and useful for developers who do. But I have to ask, how does it know the difference between a malicious and non-malicious script?

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Pineapple searches every script in your game after a list of keywords that are usually in malicious scripts, checking both the name of the script and the code.

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Did the plugin improve its detection of malicious scripts compared to before? Like when it was in original post?

Was the post in #resources:community-resources? Only free resources are allowed there, if you made your plugin a paid-resource whilst it being in that category then that might be why.

STOP it. It benefits me and you don’t see why. I have the plugin as plugins can lag your experience in studio so I think this plugin is trustworthy. Start by making it open sourced to prove the haters

An random moderator first told me that i couldn’t post in #help-and-feedback:creations-feedback (which is the appropiate place) and #resources:community-resources was the right place to post this, and back and forth until the moderator realised his mistake.

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