Pinewood Emergency Team - Handbook


Pinewood Emergency Team - Handbook

Last updated: 7/1/2020

Welcome to the Pinewood Emergency Team Handbook! This handbook outlines rules, frequently asked questions, our promotion system, and subdivision information. The purpose of PET is to keep players of Pinewood Builders Facilities safe. PET(Pinewood Emergency Team) is split into 3 subdivisions these being Fire, Hazmat, and Medical each ran by an assigned Chief. Any question regarding the following information can be sent to a Division Trainer, Chief, or Manager.

Current Team Chiefs:

AtomicMoosh - Medical Team Chief
Neal_Forest - Hazmat Team Chief
AnuCat - Fire Team Chief


(Credit to AtomicMoosh for the creation of the new rules/handbook.)

If any of these rules are broken you will be given a consequence at the Trainer’s discretion


(PET. 1) PET may not touch core controls that heat or cool the core. E-Coolant may be used to save the core during a meltdown.

(PET. 2) PET may not cause disasters while On-duty.

(PET. 3) PET may not carry any PBST or TMS weapons while on duty as PET, however gamepass or credit gear such as OP Weapons, the credit rifle/pistol, and rocket launcher are allowed for self defense.

(PET. 4) PET Members can be in all teams, but a member in one team does not have authority over a member in another team. However a Trainer or PIA member can moderate any chat.

(PET. 5) PET may NOT be on-duty for more than one PET subgroup or another division such as PBST or TMS at the same time.

(PET. 6) All teams are allowed to cooperate with one another, but there will be NO conflicts between teams. If a conflict does start, it is to be reported to a Team Chief immediately.

(PET. 7) PET is forbidden to start or spread fires or become mutants/zombies and hurting visitors/allies/PET members.

(PET. 8) On-duty PET must have on the uniform and tools (located in PET HQ) for the team they are on-duty for and have their rank tag set to PET ( !setgroup pet ). The tools (located in PET HQ) can only be used for the team your patrolling as. (medical can’t use the fire team hose, hazmat can’t use the medical medkit, etc).

(PET. 9) During TMS raids, Members can not switch teams, they can however switch divisions.

(PET. 10) On-duty PET may only use the uniforms (located in PET HQ) for the division they are on-duty for. Custom or specialty uniforms are forbidden unless given direct permission by the host.

(PET. 11) On-duty PET is not allowed to wear PET uniforms different to what they are on duty for. For example, If you were attending as Medical, you would not be able to use a Hazmat or Fire suit.

(PET. 12) Kronos has updated and allows you to set your rank tag to specific-subdivisions. If you are to go on-duty for Fire, You should do !setgroup fire.

Fire Team

(FT. 1) Fire Team members are required to report any large fires using !call then selecting the “PET” tab and putting the reason as “Major Fire”. Additional notes can be added to your call such as where the fire is located to help responders.

(FT. 2) Fire Team members are required to have a PET Fire hose and/or fire extinguisher on them while on-duty. They must also wear the PET Fire suit (located in PET HQ) and may not use the PET Medical “lunchbox” medkit. The PB throwable medkit is fine for use.

(FT. 3) Fire Team is required to put out any fires on sight, no matter what conditions unless told by a Fire Marshall+.

(FT. 4) Fire Team members are required to lead out visitors are any cost. Save their lives before your own.

(FT. 5) During Chaos Raids, The Mayhem Syndicate is “Kill on Sight”. No other time is anybody on KoS unless authorized by a Fire Marshall+.


Hazmat Team

(HT. 1) Hazmat Team members must always wear the PET Hazmat suit at all times. This suit can be found at the PET HQ and allows for safe entrance of the core at temperatures over 3000. PET Hazmat may not use the MT’s “lunchbox” medkit or the FT’s hose. The PB throwable medkits and public fire extinguishers are free for use by all.

(HT. 2) Hazmat Team members must always put their lives at risk during disasters such as the radiation leak or Neurotoxin gas. They must always be there to save the facility.

(HT. 3) Hazmat Team members are permitted to use the fans during the neurotoxin disaster.

(HT. 4) Hazmat Team members are permitted to use any of the heating systems in the core. However, this is only to save the core. Hazmat Team members are NOT allowed to cause reactor meltdowns or Freezedowns.

Medical Team

(MT. 1) Medical Team members are required to carry the PET Medical “lunchbox” medkit at all times. The PB throwable medkit is fine for anybody to use. The MT may not use the Fire Team hose but can use the fire extinguishers found across the map. MT members must also wear the MT uniform at all times. This can be found at the PET HQ.

(MT. 2) Medical Team members are required to heal everyone they see who are hurt, PBST members get healing priority. PET is not to heal enemies (ex. TMS, Raiders).

(MT. 3) Medical Team members are permitted to heal while they are in combat, though caution is to be taken in making sure TMS or other raiders are not accidentally healed.

(MT. 4) Medical Team members are allowed to kill The Mayhem Syndicate if said Syndicate members are actively hurting visitors or allies.

(MT. 5) During Chaos Raids, The Mayhem Syndicate is “Kill on Sight”. No other time is anybody on KoS unless authorized by an Emergency Medic+.


(TC. 1) Trainers and Chiefs must figure out their time to host training so that it doesn’t collide with other PET divisions.

(TC. 2) Trainers and Chiefs have to follow the “30 Minute Rule”, which states that there cannot be a training 30 minutes after or before a previous training. This only applies to PET trainings, PBST trainings do not comply with this rule.

(TC. 3) Trainers and Chiefs must utilize either the petserver or a VIP server for trainings if at a PB facility, they may use a public server if doing a public server patrol. In rare instances, a joint activity may be hosted with PBST only by those who are both SD+ in security and a trainer in their PET division, regardless of the game. PET trainers not SD+ in security must be invited to co-host.

(TC. 4) Trainers must use UTC to schedule trainings. However, using EST/EDT as an extra display time is also allowed.

(TC. 5) Trainers are exempt from (PET. 1) during trainings. They are also exempt from PET. 7 and (PET. 10) only when on duty for the team they are a trainer in. Team Chiefs do not have to wear a uniform no matter what division they are on-duty for.

Note: Breaking the below rules will result in permanent demotion from trainer.

(TC. 6) Trainers may not abuse moderation commands in any way whether it be discord moderation commands or in-game moderation commands.

(TC. 6 A) Trainers may not intentionally log people in PBSTAC’s sector 5 or bring people to PBSTAC’s sector 5 even if they know the code.

(TC. 6 B) Trainers may never use bypasses to building tools or environment changing gears such as delete tools or paint buckets.

(TC. 6 C) Trainers may not use moderation commands to break into restricted areas such as PIA rooms or PBSTAC’s sector 5, Only enter Sector 5 if the code is known.

(TC. 6 D) Trainers may not use moderation commands during other trainer’s official events unless given direct permission from the host.

PET Honors

(PET. H1) Honors can be achieved at any rank.

(PET. H2) Honor members get access to a special channel with HRs and other honor members. They also get a special role in the PET Discord and In-Game on their ranktag.

(PET. H3) Division Trainers can get PET Honors in other divisions they aren’t trainers in

(PET. H4) PET Honors only last for a total of 3 months. You can get honors again once it expires.

(PET. H5) Honors can be revoked by a Team Chief if you’ve done something extremely disgraceful to the team you got honors in.

Subdivision Information


As a Hazmat member you are tasked with making sure the core is stable and no one is messing with it. You also have to ensure there are no mutants in the server.

You can only use the reactor power and boost lazers to stabilize the core. There are many algorithms to stabilizing the core. You can use the follow chart to determine what algorithms work to stabilize the core.

You can also use this cheat sheet to figure out algorithms that work:

Core Power 1- +2
Core Power 2- +8
Core Power 3- +11
Core Power 4- +14
Coolant- -14
Laser- +2
Fan-during start -1, than -2

The promotion system in the Hazmat Team is as followed:

Hazmat Trainee - 0 Points
Expert Hazmat - 30 Points
Hazmat CERT - 65 Points
Hazmat Specialist - 105 Points


As apart of the Fire Team you must make sure all fires, explosions, etc are dealt with. As the Fire Team you are given a fire hose and/or extinguisher to extinguish the fire.

The priority system for the Fire Team is:

Crates/Cargo --> Other Players --> Loose parts

Your fire suit is designed to prevent you from catching fire and will fully protect you from being burnt or exploded.

Firefighter - 0 Points
Trained Firefighter - 30 Points + Basic Firefighting evaluation
Experienced Firefighter - 70 Points + Intermediate Firefighting evaluation
Elite Firefighter - 130 Points + Advanced Firefighting evaluation
Fire Marshall - Handpicked + Pass 1-2 evaluations

This guide made by @Wizertex also has a lot of useful information regarding the Fire Team.


As a Medical Team you are tasked with healing players at PB facilities. You are not allowed to fight and heal at the same time, you must never heal raiders/TMS.

As Medical Team you get a health boost (150 health). This can be found beside the PET HQ.

The higher your rank in the Medical Team the more health you can heal at a time.

Medical Team- 0 Points
Trained Medic - 50 Points
Doctor - 110 Points
Surgeon - 200 Points
Emergency Medic - Handpicked + Pass evaluation process
Chief Assistant - Handpicked by Medical Chief


1. Are we allowed to carry weapons as PET?

You are allowed to carry Credit Weapons or any weapons from a gamepass.

2. When are trainings hosted?

Trainings are hosted at random times, you can check the schedule in game at the PBDSF or run k!schedule pet in bot-commands in the PET Discord.

3. Are we allowed to use the E-Coolant feature?

Yes, you are allowed to use the E-Coolant if you must save the server. Refer to this video by @Coasterteam to see how it works.

4. How do I get promoted in the main PET group?

You can get promoted by asking for a promotion on the group wall, or if you are 13+ and in our discord you can go into #promotion-requests and view the information there.

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