Ping in Roblox Game is extremly high

Greetings, Developers of Roblox!

So, in the past few days, me and my few Developers were testing our game. We test the game in Roblox, not in the Studio “Test Mode”. We were casually testing after a new part of the map was built, and now our Roblox Game is really lagging. Our FPS are normally 60, but the Avg. Ping in the game is extremly high. Fox example, I am chatting with my friend on Discord, and I have normal ping 60, but in game, my ping can get up to 50 000 ms. So far, this occured only in my game. I played other games that have large maps, and my ping was perfectly fine.

I have done some research and I have followed the steps, like:
• Reducing the number of “while wait() do” or “while true do” functions.
• Attempts to reduce the number of errors printed out in the console.
• Replacing unused sofisticated scripts and modules with less sofisticated ones.

Me and my Developers think it could be a problem on our side, because we recently started to build the new part of the map. So I am asking for a hint, what could we do to stop the ping from skyrocketting up to 60 000?


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this might be because of remote events…

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I have checked, and this probably won’t be the case. My game has only like 20 to 30 remote events and they get fired only occasionally, so I don’t think it will be the case, but I will surely try to reduce the number. Thanks

You can try using the developer console to view script activity for server sided assets. See if you can pinpoint the ping spikes to suspicious scripts that could be the culprit. Generally speaking anything > 5% is somewhat concerning. Pretty sure the developer console can reveal this information

Microprofiler is another tool you can use to see if something is causing the hitching.


Hello there! I checked the Console “Scripts” window and I have found a script that is infinetly running a loop of long code, so I have eliminated the loop, and now the ping stays low as it should be (my ping is now back to normal, 80-100 ms). Thank you very much!

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