Ping Issue in the new Australia Servers

Not entirely sure if this is the correct place to be posting this but oh well.

As all of you may already know, ROBLOX has recently implemented their own Australian servers. Since I am residing in New Zealand, I was expecting a lower ping. But my ping still remains at 150-160ms. This should not be happening as all of my friends who also live here are getting 50-60ms. It is definitely NOT a slow internet issue since my download speed is exceptionally high (about gigabit download). Has anyone else encountered this issue?

What I’m trying to achieve:
Normal ping in my region, as I’m only getting 160ms in both AU and Singapore. (Singapore is literally further away).

Solutions I’ve tried:
I’ve tried resetting my PC, flushing DNS, resetting my modem, everything I swear. There seems to be no other articles about this so I must just be the only one.

Does anybody have any idea why this might be happening so I can fix it?
All help is appreciated! Thank you!


Try fetching the server region in a test place, what does it say? For reference, see this reply:

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As another person who got this problem (only 4/5 days ago too, up until then my ping was perfectly fine) although I’m in South Australia rather than New Zealand, it’s still the best servers for me, or at least it was until this problem happened.

Anyways, alongside your stated solutions that didn’t work, I have also tested:
Changing modems
Port-forwarding Roblox through my router

And a few other things, but what I perhaps find the strangest is that Singapore, Japan, America, and all other servers still give me the same ping as before when I join them. For example, Singapore has always been a ping of 120-140ms for me, and even after this problem came along I still have that same ping, despite Australian servers going from 40-80ms to 120-300ms.

I think the only solution to this problem is if someone at Roblox sees this though, since it doesn’t seem very fixable on my end.


I’m assuming it’s either a roblox or ISP issue. It’s definitely not a PC issue, since I tested it with my macbook and I have the same issue. (this macbook gets 40ms using a different internet connection). Am hoping someone at roblox sees this who could probably give us an explanation.


I don’t see the point in using that since the game I play displays the server region at the top which is Australia.


yep, I’m having this issue as well, I can never get below 50ms (it generally averages ~150 and spikes really severely)
my brother and I don’t have problems with ping on Oceania servers in other games, but Australian roblox servers still seem to be quite laggy.

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Same here. What fixed it for me was using which routes your computer to Cloudflare’s servers which goes to Sydney servers. Only problem is that it usually creates massive lag spikes

Can we try get a Roblox staff member here? This problem has been around for ages.
And the game you play that displays the server region. Is it Deepwoken?

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Now whilst I know you’re not asking me what game I used to check server region, I personally did use Deepwoken, if that helps at all. Are there any other games that show that stuff?

Also, if you could message me how to use that route (in messages to avoid clogging up this post) I’d very much appreciate that!

Does anyone have this issue with the non-Australian servers? To my knowledge it’s only select people using the Australian servers that get this problem, but maybe I’ve missed something.

I’m pretty sure some of my friends had really bad connection to Singapore servers. They got roughly 200ms-300ms, whilst I got 150ms.



Randomly Roblox decided to fix itself and now it works.


I know you probably won’t respond to this but what is your ping now? I am planning to go to New Zealand for a few months and I wanna check what the ping is there. With the “new” Australian servers, what’s your average ping?

Specifically the new servers in Australia, not like accidentally connecting to a server in Washington or something.

Auckland to Sydney ping can go to a minimum of ~25 ping and extra is to do with either your connection or server latency

better than what i have normally lol